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Vinyasa Flow  Tuesday 7:30-8:30am
at Asheville Community Yoga

Vinyasa is a fluid practice that closely links the breath to the movement. Vinyasa Flow classes are more physically rigorous than gentle ones, and we do not recommend them for beginners. The level of intensity will vary between instructors. It’s a great idea to get into a variety of the Vinyasa classes, as well as read our teachers’ bios, so that you can get a sense of the teaching style(s) that work the best for you. MOST of the Vinyasa classes on our schedule are mixed level.
Level 1 & 2: Mixed level flows. These classes are designed for students who have a foundational understanding of common yoga postures. Classes are moderate to fast-paced and intermediate to advanced postures are offered, with modifications. Students are invited to explore their edge and also honor limitations, modifying postures accordingly to progress safely

Sonya’s classes embody laughter, love, intention, and focus on the breath.

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